Best Going Away Gifts for Boss 2020

The originality of a gift helps us understand how much the person cares about us when someone’s Going away.

Predictable gift ideas for him or her are galore.

Just go to a supermarket and buy the first set of shower gel, perfume and deodorant that we find. We do it if it is an acquaintance or someone for whom it is not worth wasting too much time for a gift.

An original gift idea, on the other hand, denotes a certain commitment to research and purchase. It means that the person who has to receive it is so important that it is worth some of our time and that our desire to amaze and make it a little happier has been our primary aim.

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These gift ideas are all extravagant and bizarre and will surely know how to make the life of the person who receives them a little more fun, fun and, of course, original.

Choose the one that best suits the person in question. We are confident that he will appreciate your efforts.


little man infuser
  • These tea filters are very sweet, suitable as a birthday present, name day or for Mother’s Day.
  • They are colorful and fun.
  • The puppets enjoy a relaxing hot bath while filtering the tea.

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unusual owl bag
  • Bags are always needed and even if she has many, you can always find a color that she doesn’t yet have.
  • Owls can be embroidered, designed with rhinestones or the whole bag can have the shape of a tender nocturnal bird of prey.
  • All bags in this category are beautiful and suitable for any type of girl.

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pirate corkscrew fun and original gift
  • Who doesn’t love pirates? With this cute sea dog, opening the bottles becomes a real treasure conquest.
  • It is made of particularly robust steel.
  • It also features various accessories such as a blade, a lever and a corkscrew.

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under vinyl glasses
  • Set consisting of six coasters.
  • They have the shape of a vinyl record, are heat resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • An original gift idea with a slightly retro taste.

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retro placemats
  • Still for those who love retro, a set of four placemats.
  • Their design recalls an audiocassette, an old radio, a 60s TV and a turntable.
  • They are made of polypropylene.

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Salad cutlery
  • It may seem trivial and, on the other hand, it is not, because these accessories for serving salad really know how to amaze.
  • Two wooden spoons.
  • One recalls the front side of a guitar, the other the back.

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self-mixing cup
  • This is a very original gift idea ideal for those who are so lazy that they don’t even want to mix their hot drink.
  • This mug, in fact, has a mechanism that mixes tea, coffee or other drinks automatically.
  • It is so original that you can trust that no one else has already thought about it.

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Pizza scissors
  • Who doesn’t love pizza, raise your hand! These scissors allow a perfect pizza cut.
  • They are made of stainless steel and are easy to use.
  • They even have a spatula that helps lift pizza slices.

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digital wall clock
  • Daily life is so busy that time has literally become precious.
  • For this reason, a digital wall clock can be considered a gift idea that anyone finds useful.
  • Choose among these models the one that best matches your room / home / office.

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lamp-shaped bookmark
  • If you believe that bookmarks are not good gift ideas, you will have to change your mind.
  • This has the shape of a red desk lamp.
  • Project “a ray of light” between the pages to hold the mark.

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Sushi Roll Kit
  • What’s better than sushi? Is there anything better than preparing it yourself?
  • These kits are very practical, equipped and very fun to use.
  • An excellent gift idea to prepare delicious dinners based on the tasty Japanese specialty.

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Stop ice cream holder
  • The classic example of how originality can make even the simplest objects, such as door stops, interesting.
  • This is the shape of an inverted ice cream cone.
  • A sweet way to leave the doors open to summer.

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Katana bookend
  • It is a very particular shelf.
  • It is shaped like a samurai katana and creates the impression that the books are pierced.
  • It works thanks to a magnet system. An original way of decorating the bedroom.

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nice coffee pot
  • These coffee makers are very nice and colorful.
  • They are available with different patterns, such as the white cow with black spots or Braccubaldo.
  • To start the day with a good coffee full of joy.

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unicorn pajamas
  • Tender pajamas that recall the world of magical unicorns.
  • It is extremely soft, warm and comfortable. Available in several colors.
  • A warm hug on the cold winter evenings. Gift idea for children or girls.

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Best Amazon Gifts for History Buffs for Christmas 2020

Whether it be ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance or the beginning of the 20th century, you probably know a history buff passionate about the past. If that is the case, there is no better way to show how much you care than by supporting their interests. Fortunately – if you don’t know where to start – My Modern Met Store has put together a unique collection of gifts for the history buffs of your life.

Some of our best gifts for history buffs are ideal for those with an artistic streak. For curators and designers, the Artist Socks gift box offers a fantastic range of creative style. It includes four pairs of artist-inspired socks, including Andy Sock-Hole , Feetasso , Frida Callus , and Vincent van Toe . With this set, they can change their style according to their mood.

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Alternatively, if you know a historian passionate about architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright paper models allow them to recreate 14 of the artist’s most famous structures, such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in the delicate art of kirigami .

If the person you’re shopping for spends a lot of time working at their desk, consider looking at some nifty desk accessories to spruce up their workspace. The Leonardo da Vinci action figure captures the essence of the famous polymath in an adorable five-inch tall form. The figure comes with a beard, hair and brow shining in the dark, as well as a removable hat. This toy even comes with 5 miniature masterpieces and a display easel to transform any office space into an art gallery.

Scroll down to see some of our best amazon gifts for history buffs, and head over to My Modern Met Store to see the entire collection.

Best Gifts for History Buffs 2020

Artists and their cats

Gifts for history buffs

Alison Nastasi | $ 16.95

Rosie & We Can Do It enamel brooch

Gifts for history buffs

Unemployed Philosophers Guild | $ 12.50

Gift box Artists Socks

Gifts for history buffs

Chattyfeet | $ 39.95

Brief Art History Mug

Gifts for history buffs

Unemployed Philosophers Guild | $ 15.95

Frida Kahlo Kokeshi Doll

Gifts for history buffs

Sketch.Inc | $ 44

Claude Monet action figure

Gifts for history buffs

Today is art day | $ 29.99

The kiss Candle

Gifts for history buffs

Flatyz | $ 17.95

Leonardo da Vinci action figure

Gifts for history buffs

Today is art day | $ 29.99

Frank Lloyd Wright paper models

Gifts for history buffs

Marc Hagan-Guirey | $ 29.99

Vincent van Gogh articulated figurine

Gifts for history buffs

Today is art day | $ 29.99

Archeology and natural history

For a history buff, it’s hard to think of a better gift than a piece of history for real! If you want to buy a gift for a history teacher, a professional historian or simply someone who loves a specific historical era, you will find that many archaeological finds are surprisingly accessible to all budgets and – more importantly – easy to find ethically . 

jewel worn by an Ancient Roman, a Neolithic flint used by our ancestors, a splendid Jurassic ammonite from Madagascar … whatever their passion, you can find the perfect piece of history to amaze them.

When it comes to history they’re probably planning to travel to any of the European countries to see the history in real right? So dwell a bit on gifts for someone travelling to Italy here.

Vintage watches

The watches have the particularity of being a gift with a sentimental but still practical meaning. History buffs will know well the contribution of watchmakers to the history of the world: from the development of wristwatches for the British army to Omega’s triumph in the space race , up to the 21st century. Vintage watches enclose our whole history, naturally enhanced by the symbolism that such a gift brings: it can represent the celebration of a new beginning, but also the memory of a special occasion.

History books

If your history buff is more of an intellectual than a buyer of historical artifacts, a book that talks about his time or his favorite event will certainly be an appreciated gift. The illustrated books of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries offer a fascinating insight into the artistic practices of a certain era and (in the case of geography books) on how explorers saw the world around them. For young history buffs, it can also be fun to get the first edition of your favorite book, to put the first brick of their personal library.

Vintage car

Maybe your history buff just waits for you to curl up under the covers with a good book, but don’t forget those who prefer to go where the road takes them. It is a rather important gift, but if you really want to amaze someone (or maybe pamper the enthusiast in you a little), a vintage car will transport the driver back in time. If you are looking for a restoration project or have a limited budget, you can opt for a barn find . If you want to spend a little more, why not aim for a vintage convertible ? 

Stamps and coins

You don’t have to be a coin or stamp collector to appreciate its historical significance. Collectors with a passion for national history will not miss the opportunity to own a special series of commemorative stamps and you will be spoiled for choice when shopping. Instead, history buffs who prefer ancient civilizations will appreciate the value of owning a Roman or Byzantine silver coin : a piece of history to always carry with you.

Timeless antiques

It is very likely that your favorite history buff will also show off his hobby at home: it is one of the reasons why giving gifts to these types of people is easier than you think. All you need is just a little research, after which you will be full of ideas for the type of objects and historical memorabilia that could make your history buff happy. You can aim high and make a bold choice with a Baroque decoration , a Biedermeier furniture and a Gothic sculpture . Or – if instead you are thinking of a smaller but still significant little thought – you can choose a hand-painted ceramic tile , a late 20th century Fabergé egg , deliciousArt Nouveau style glasses and an elaborate Victorian beauty case .

These are the collection of best gifts for history buffs 2020 that you can give for this Christmas.