7 Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge 2020

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best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge 2020 : The swimsuits can become a totally irresistible if we choose the right swimsuit to suit our bodies. For example, if you have a bulky tummy it can favor your curves and make you feel proud of them. In the same way, you should not worry, because a tummy is easy to hide with the different designed swimsuit that exist today and that fit all tummy, such as the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge list below.

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge – Tummy Control Swimsuits

This is the no.1 criterion not to be neglected whatever the type of one or two piece swimsuit you choose to have a nice rendering on the beach despite the few curves of the belly. The material of your swimsuit is indeed very important for you to be comfortable wearing it. With a small belly, opt for a shaping fabric thanks to a tight mesh that will refine without compressing the complex area. 

High Waisted Bikini Vintage Bikini

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Vintage Bikini

In one piece as with a high waist panty, it is essential! As for other bikini bottoms such as traditional panties, the choice of a good fabric is always an asset when stripping on the beach so do not hesitate to take the time to select your model not only for its look. but also for its structure so that you pick the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge 2020!

1.  FlatterMe crossover swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

Swimsuit designed with internal mesh lining, crossed straps at the back , high neck and cross neckline. It also includes a ruched bodice to hide the belly.

This model adjusts to the abdomen area , which helps hide belly fat and give a slimmer look. It is ideal to take on a honeymoon or a special trip to the beach and one of the best swimsuit to hide love handles.

2.  DearLove bikini with cups

This bikini is made from nylon and spandex material, and comes with a design of crossed straps at the neckline and underwire with bust pads that give a push-up effect.

This model has a high-waisted cut that helps control the tummy and highlight your curves, making it an excellent option for you to enjoy a trip to the beach or the pool so that you look flattering and is the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.

3.  Swimsuit with side straps 

One-piece swimsuit made with polyamide and elastane material. It is designed with padded cups , low-cut straps on the sides and foldable cuts that create texture and depth.

If you are a curvy woman, you can include this model among your options to enhance your figure, thanks to its attractive cuts that work to mold and flatten the bulging stomach and is one of the best swimsuit to hide belly pooch 2020.

4. Swimsuit with bangs 

One-piece swimsuit designed with polyester and elastane material. It comes with a gathered style cut at the top and an adjustable strap under the bust , where ruffles come off with a drop in motion. It is available in various solid colors.

This fashion model is ideal for you to show off your curves without worrying about the bulging belly, since its loose folds help to successfully hide the abdominal area. This is the best swimsuit for hanging belly.

 5.  FlatterMe V-neck swimsuit

This one-piece swimsuit is designed in a floral print paired with a plunging V-neckline, with wide cross-back straps in the shape of a cross and removable cups.

If your stomach is a little bulky, this model may be enough, as it is designed to highlight desirable areas while covering and compressing the belly area. This is one of the most selected and best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.

6.  DearLove Floral Print Bikini

This floral print bikini is made from nylon and spandex. Plus, it comes with adjustable straps at the top, push-up padded cups , and a high-waisted cut at the bottom for full coverage.

This is the best swimwear for fat tummy women.

Other Swimsuits Ideas for Hiding Tummy Bulge

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1. Two-piece black swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.

The black color will always help to take away a few extra pounds, but if you are looking for a two-piece, buy a high waist that helps to hide the tummy and mark your waist more, this is the best swimsuit to hide love handles.

2. Trikini swimwear to hide tummy bulge.

Not all full swimsuits have to be boring. Look for a trikini like this one from Boamar, ideal to look modern and sexy this 2018.

3. Prints and frills.

Look for a complete swimsuit with a small print that helps your figure, but above all that makes you stand out. This colorful swimsuit is perfect to look fresh this 2020 and is the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

4. Plunging neckline.

Swimsuits with a plunging neckline will draw the eye to your torso instead of focusing on the abdomen. The perfect trick to hide the tummy and feel sexy at all times. 

5. Long sleeve bathing suit to hide tummy bulge.

Long sleeve swimsuits are also on trend. They will help protect you from the sun, cover your arms and give it a sexy touch with fun colors.

6. Off shoulders swimwear to hide tummy bulge.

Show off those sexy shoulders in a full swimsuit. This one has an extremely modern back and a fun print. 

7. Youth with floral print.

If you want a more youthful full swimsuit, look for one with a floral print and a small neckline that adds that sexy touch you’re looking for.

8. Stripes.

Stripes will always help shape your figure. Look for a two-piece swimsuit with vertical lines and in light colors. Blogger look with only two pieces. 

9. High waist and plain top.

Take advantage of the prints instead of adding ruffles to your swimsuit. Look for a colorful one in a simple cut and at the waist. 

TOP 10 Swimsuits to Hide Tummy Bulge & Thigh

The key is to follow these tricks:

  • Look for models with dark colors , which stylize much more and reduce one size.
  • Avoid very loud prints and opt for more discreet or single-color models. 
  • You can play with colors with models that have the darker part of the belly and the chest is printed or in lighter colors. 
  • The best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge is the swimsuits with drapes.
  • The models with a  V neckline and the necklines on the sides will help you to stylize your figure much more. 
  • I bet your swimsuits with ruffles or details that highlight the chest and divert attention. 
swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

1/5 Women’s black swimsuit Black swimsuits are the best fit and most stylish . So, whether you want to hide the dreaded tummy or want to stylize the figure, a black swimsuit like this one by Guess is a safe bet. And you can continue using it summer after summer, because it is an eternal one that never goes out of style. In addition, it is made with 20% elastane to make it much more comfortable to wear and is the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge. 

best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

2/5 Women’s swimsuits with drapes The drapes are one of the details that will help you disguise tripita.  But also, this swimsuit in navy blue, has a Push Up effect, to enhance the neckline. This best swimsuit to hide love handles worn together with the dark color and the rectangular shape with the smooth sides that outline the figure, will help you to stylize your figure a lot.  

black swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

3/5 swimsuits with floral print If you are looking for a more cheerful and summery model , with some of the fashionable summer prints , this swimsuit with a floral print is a very good option: it has drapes in the torso area, a V-neckline and a high side cut , to achieve the stylized effect.

red swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

4/5 belted swimsuits Another option that stylizes a lot are belted swimsuits, such as this red swimsuit with a round buckle tortoiseshell belt, from New Look . The belt achieves the same effect in swimsuits as with clothing: marking the waist and stylizing the silhouette and this is the best Plus size swimsuits to hide belly pooch 2020.

white swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

5/5 Women Secret swimsuits If you are not comfortable with belted swimsuits, you can also choose a model that achieves the same visual effect , such as this white swimsuit from Women Secret. The horizontal stripes in navy blue at the waist visually mark and narrow this area.

FAQ’s on Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge 2020 :

Question from IsaGood evening Lise,

I really need your help!

I plan to go on vacation this summer to the beach. The problem is that I am complex enough on my body and more particularly on my stomach, which complicates the test of the jersey.

My question is therefore the following: which swimsuit to wear when you have a stomach?

I can’t wait for your advice on this thorny issue!

Thank you so much 🙂

Answer : Go for the Swimsuits with Side Straps because that will be the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge and thighs.

Asked by AstridHello Lise,

I appeal to your advice because I find it excellent, and I thank you again.

I want to buy myself a swimsuit and I wanted to ask you for advice. I have shapes and I would like to find swimsuits that could refine me.

Could you give me some ideas for fitting swimsuits for a curvy woman?

Thanks for your help.

Answer : Try the swimsuit V-neck Swimsuits that would be the best swimsuit to hide your tummy bulge.

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